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Restauratoren Nederland heeft 2 nieuwe foto's toegevoegd.

Het initiatief Keurmerk voor Restauratoren werd vorige week gepresenteerd en ondertekend door het Restauratoren Register, Restauratoren Nederland en ARA Nederland. Binnenkort worden de statuten van het Restauratoren Register aangepast en gaat een nieuw opstartbestuur de procedure voor het gebruik van dit keurmerk in gang zetten. Lees meer op de RN website:
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Kress Fellowship

A fellowship has come available in the Kress Program in Paintings Conservation beginning almost immediately. It is not restricted to US citizens as in the past. The annual stipend is $43,000. The current fiscal year ends on June 30 2016 if I am not mistaken so that figure will be pro-rated accordingly. The remaining grant cycle is for two and one-half years. The entire offering includes NYU health benefits and a $5,000 per year travel allowance. I believe that most of the travel allowance for 2015/16 is still available.

The Kress Fellow has numerous responsibilities. In general, he or she assists me with the ongoing conservation needs of the dispersed Kress Collection and the administrative tasks associated with this: collection surveys, the restoration/conservation of individual Kress paintings under my supervision, and working with the CC staff and the students. More specific responsibilities include:

· Working with the IT department to post treatments and documentation on the CC/IFA website, a relatively new initiative that is still taking shape and to which we are deeply committed
· Working with students with technical examination of their Kress paintings. This consists of photography, digital X-ray imaging, IRR, X-ray fluorescence, SEM-EDS, FTIR, and cross-section preparation and analysis
· The collecting and archival storage of new and existing documentation
· Maintaining and ordering supplies for the paintings conservation studio
· Coordinating with museum registrars regarding the comings and goings of Kress paintings to and from the CC
· Hosting visitors to the studio and occasionally giving talks
· Attending professional conferences and lectures that relate to the conservation of old master paintings
· Collaborating with colleagues at other institutions on further research as indicated

The NYU official application process for the fellowship has not yet been established. There may be an on-line application form but because of the holidays, this has yet to be decided. However, in the meanwhile, we are soliciting applications from qualified candidates. Rita Berg, the previous Kress Fellow who has just left to take up a permanent position in Minneapolis, graduated from our program in June 2014. We do not have hard and fast requirements about the amount or length of experience required, however, the candidate should be a mature person who can handle the many responsibilities associated with the position and who, since my appointment is part-time, has the ability to work independently in the absence of full-time supervision. That said, I and the other faculty will help as much as we can until the new Kress Fellow has acclimated, and, needless to say, thereafter.

We are anxious to fill this position as soon as possible. If you can suggest a qualified candidate please have them contact me as well as Hannelore Roemich, the Chairman of the Conservation Center, with a letter of interest, a CV, and the names of three referrals.

I look forward to seeing you in the New Year and I send you best wishes.

Warm regards,

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