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  • Najaarsoverleg ECCO

    18.12.2014 |

    Een verslag van het najaarsoverleg van het bestuur van ECCO, door Jaap van der Burg

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  • Religious heritage strengthens rural communities

    16.12.2014 |

    Religious heritage strengthens rural communities

    More than one hundred delegates from over twenty different countries met to support religious heritage conservation in rural areas at the third biennial conference organised by Future for Religious Heritage (FRH) in Halle (Saale), Germany in October 2014, titled “Sustaining Europe’s Rural Religious heritage”.

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  • Icon Book & Paper Group Conference

    10.12.2014 |


    Adapt & Evolve: East Asian Materials and Techniques in Western Conservation


    The conference programme is looking very exciting with confirmed speakers from all over the world, plans for a lively panel discussion on paste, not to mention jolly drinks at the wonderful Foundling Museum and again at the Brunei Gallery. There will be ample opportunity to be engaged and entertained! 

    Please note: tickets for some of the in-conference demonstrations and post-conference workshops are now in very short supply, so book soon to avoid disappointment!

    Early bird discount until 15 January 2015 only

    Icon Book & Paper Group Conference

    8–10 April 2015 

    London, United Kingdom



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