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Workshop: Communicating through data visualization for conservation professionals

Deze workshop is interessant voor elke discipline🎓 In samenwerking met de UvA komt Dr Scott Allan Orr voor Restauratoren Nederland naar het Nationaal Archief in Den Haag om een workshop te geven. 🗣️ Hij is docent in Heritage Data Science bij UCL Institute for Sustainable Heritage in Londen. De workshop leert ons hoe de resultaten van een steekproef of klimaatgegevens in depot efficiënt gepresenteerd kunnen worden voor communicatie doeleinden naar management of collega’s, maar ook voor bijvoorbeeld subsidieaanvragen, offertes en projectvoorstellen. 🤝Deze workshop is interessant voor elke discipline. De voertaal is Engels

Door wie: Dr Scott Allan Orr
Wanneer: dinsdag 16 januari 2024 10.00-16.00 uur incl. thee, koffie, lunch
                   2 online sessies op 6 en 20 februari in de middag                         
Locatie: Nationaal Archief in Den Haag
Kosten workshop: RN-leden 100,- euro, Niet RN-leden: 125,- euro (✔️in prijs verlaagd!)
Max. aantal deelnemers: 20
Voertaal: Engels
Inschrijven: boekpapierfoto@restauratoren.nl
Inschrijf deadline:✅18 december 2023
Cursus gaat door bij minimaal 15 deelnemers


*️⃣Inhoud workshop:
The workshop introduces the principles of effective visual communication and common visualisations for data types within heritage. The key underlying principle is that visualisation can be aesthetically pleasing (elegant) and informative, with the right combination of characteristics.

Data (representing information more broadly) underpins decision making, collaboration, and engagement across a broad range of heritage projects. However, data alone is insufficient to be effective–generally it is the manner of presentation which is far more important to determining the success of the task.
This workshop will develop understanding of the principles of effective visual communication. Participants will learn how to select the appropriate types of visualisation for diverse types of data and aims.

This will be supported by developed understanding of the principles of effective visual communication, particularly appropriate use of layout, colour, and annotations, as well as an awareness of information perception and ensuring accessibility. Participants will apply these principles through guided exercises in Microsoft Excel as well as a small independent project based on either their own data or a provided dataset.

✳️The workshop will be undertaken in three parts:
1. Principles of effective visualization: Drawing on a wide range of examples, Part I will decompose visualizations into key attributes, including audience awareness, chart junk/data density, narrative and annotations, and color.
2. Selecting which visualization(s) to use: Part II will begin with a brief introduction to different types of data, before setting out a decision-making framework for selecting the visualizations based on the this, the context, and objective of communication.
3. Making effective visualizations in Excel: Part III will be practice-led demonstration. Supporting files will be provided with the slides in advance of the lesson, so that participants can follow along during the demonstrations, if desired, and consult them to reproduce the results at their own pace afterward.
• Tuesday 16 January 2024 (10.00 – 16.00 uur) – Lectures and skills development [In person at the Nationaal Archief]
• Late January 2024 (30 minutes sessions, yet to be scheduled) in small groups, Q&A and progress update on independent projects [online]
• Mid-February 2024 (1/2 day) – sharing the results of the independent project visualisations and reflection [online]
• In between sessions Scott is available for questions via email.

✴️Biografie docent

Dr Scott Allan Orr is a lecturer in Heritage Data Science at the UCL Institute for Sustainable Heritage in London, UK. He leads HERADA, an interdisciplinary research team focused on assessing and managing environmental risks for heritage, with an emphasis on sustainable management. He leverages data science and analytics, particularly existing and open access resources, and is passionate about demonstrating the role of heritage in tackling society’s grand challenges. He is particularly interested in developing novel methods and approaches to communicating technical analysis to inform heritage management, including data visualisation. Within the MSc Sustainable Heritage (Data Science), he leads a module on data visualisation and mapping for heritage.