IAP Virtual Course; Identification of Insect Pests in Collections

  • Datum22-03-2022 - 23-03-2022
  • Tijd09:30 - 12:15
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We are delighted to announce another IAP Virtual course with David Pinniger and Jane Thompson Webb.

Date: Tuesday 22 March & Wednesday 23 March 2022
Time: 9:30 am – 12:15 pm GMT
Tutors: David Pinniger and Jane Thompson Webb
Price: £125.00
Platform: Zoom
Registration: Eventbrite or email us if you wish to pay by bank transfer

This two-session virtual course (which takes place over 2 consecutive mornings and is aimed at those persons who are familiar with Integrated Pest Management*) focusses on identifying the insect pests that may be found in collections of objects in museums and galleries, historic houses etc. Such insects may well have been observed and recorded on insect pest traps in the context of an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) programme.

In addition to discussions on identifying common insect pests, participants will learn of new pests and possible future problems. There will be ample opportunity to discuss particular issues or problems experienced by participants. The focus will be on European pests but there will also be mention of USA species and termites.
David Pinniger is an entomologist and international pest management consultant. He has worked with IAP in offering short courses on IPM and Insect Identification since 1984.

Jane Thompson Webb is the Conservation Team Leader at Birmingham Museums Trust and chairs the ICON Care of Collections Group.
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