IAP Virtual seminar with Jacob Simon

  • Datum14-10-2021
  • Tijd16:00 - 17:00
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We are delighted to announce another IAP Virtual seminar with Jacob Simon. This seminar examines the history of the former practice, in Britain, of transferring the paint layers of panel paintings onto canvas.

Towards a History of Transfers from Panel to Canvas in Britain, 1760-1980

Date: Thursday, 14th Oct 2021
Time: 3 pm BST
Tutor: Jacob Simon
Price: £25.00
Platform: Zoom

This seminar will consist of a 55 minute presentation by Jacob Simon followed by 15 minutes of discussion and questions. The history of the former practice of transferring paint layers from panels onto canvas is explored in this seminar, with some reference to technical considerations. It will try to fill gaps in our understanding in a field which is not well documented.

The process involved transferring the paint layer (and sometimes the ground as well) of a work on a panel, by paring back the panel before applying a canvas as a new support. It was designed to deal with flaking paint and decayed panels, commonly in Italian panel paintings but also sometimes in British panel portraits and other northern paintings.  A similar process was used for transfers from one canvas to another, as opposed to lining.

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