NWO-Science4Arts Symposium

  • Datum17-11-2016 - 18-11-2016
  • Tijd9:00 - 17:00
  • Adres
    • Rijksmuseum
    • Museumstraat 1
    • Amsterdam
https://www.rijksmuseum.nl/nl/science4arts Routebeschrijving

About Science4Arts
In the Science4Arts research programme (2012-2018), museums and universities, conservators, curators, humanities researchers and scientists are developing a new perspective on the research and conservation of works of art and historic objects. The programme is an initiative of NWO (The Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research) and builds on the knowledge and insights of previous NWO-programmes MOLART and De Mayerne. Science4Arts plans to make a substantial contribution to the conservation profession. In addition to scientific research, the programme aims to build an interdisciplinary and strongly collaborative community of experienced researchers in order to create a framework for future professionals. Research in Science4Arts is focused on changes that art works and historic objects undergo. This involves chemical and physical changes, but can also relate to new meanings that works of art acquire over time.
In 2012 six projects were granted funding as part of the Science4Arts programme.

• Revisualizing late Rembrandt: Developing and Applying New Imaging Techniques – Prof. Joris Dik (TU Delft) / Petria Noble (Mauritshuis/Rijksmuseum)
• Paint Alterations in Time. Implications for Conservation, Presentation and Storage of Oil Paintings from Van Eyck to Mondrian –Prof. Piet Iedema (UvA) / Dr. Annelies van Loon (Mauritshuis/Rijksmuseum)
• Shedding light on endangered mutual heritage. Developing non-invasive imaging techniques to uncover, understand and preserve ancient Mexican pictorial manuscripts – Prof. Maarten Jansen (Leiden University) / Bodleian Library
• Re-assessing Vincent van Gogh’s use of color using digital reconstructions: lessons for the conservation and interpretation of paintings and drawings –Prof. Eric Postma (Tilburg University) / Van Gogh Museum

• Climate4Wood. Climate effects on decorated wooden panels – Dr. Henk Schellen (TU Eindhoven) / Paul van Duin (Rijksmuseum)
• Photographs and Preservation. How to save photographic works of art for the future? –Prof. Kitty Zijlmans (Leiden University) / Sandra Weerdenburg (Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam)

The aim of the symposium is threefold:
1. Sharing the results of the six research projects;
2. Assessing the impact and relevance of the programme as a whole for the field of conservation, conservation science, (technical) art history;
3. Exploring the future of conservation, conservation science and (technical) art history.

The symposium will be held on 17 and 18 November 2016. International experts will lead the sessions. Poster presentations will highlight specific aspects of each research project. The symposium will end with a panel discussion ‘Art for tomorrow’, during which experts will discuss future developments in the fields.
Chair Chris Stolwijk (RKD)

Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
Registration See the Rijksmuseum website for more information and registration.
For more information, please contact Rick de Jong (Programme officer Science4Arts)
tel: +31 (0)70 344 06 91
email: r.dejong@nwo.nl