SERCA 2021 Annual Meeting – a virtual experience

  • Datum25-02-2021 - 26-02-2021
  • Tijd09:00 - 17:00
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Chicken soup for the  Conservator’s Soul 🐓09
February 25 – 26, 2021

with Ann Frellsen, member of AIC’s National Heritage Responder team, retired Conservator for the Emory University Libraries and former president of SERCA

2020 was a challenging year. Please connect with like-minded peers for the SERCA Annual Meeting 2021: Chicken Soup for the Conservator’s Soul. Interactive virtual programing will offer comfort through discussing and considering the timely issues and trends affecting the art conservation field and our work today. Keynote Speaker, Ann Frellsen, will be offering her hard-earned advice about what to be aware of and the steps you can take, physically and emotionally – to ensure a healthier response to any disaster in her talk, Self-Care for Conservators: Or How to Avoid Becoming a Disaster.

The Annual Meeting will consist of two days of lectures, lab tours, and virtual socializing. Even though you’ll be able to experience this year’s Annual Meeting from the comfort of your own home, you’ll be invited to see some interesting spaces and faces while discussing the effects 2020 has had on disaster preparedness and adaptability in art conservation. When conservators find themselves on the brink of disaster, we are forced into a creative space that yields inventive responses. Participants will be offering tips and tricks from their personal and professional experience and attendees will be invited to share any other creative solutions, favorite new tools, conservation hacks, or advice.

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