Watercolour Materials: History and Use

  • Datum11-03-2021
  • Tijd15:00 - 19:00
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We are delighted to announce another IAP Virtual seminar! IAP Virtual has teamed up with Joyce Townsend (Senior Conservation Scientist, Tate) to present this seminar on the history and use of watercolours.​ For this virtual seminar we have moved the registration to Eventbrite. Please register here.

Date: Thursday, 11 March 2021
Time: 3 pm GMT
Tutor: Joyce Townsend
Price: £25.00
Places: 50
Platform: Zoom

This virtual seminar will consist of a 55 minute presentation by Joyce Townsend followed by 15 minutes time for questions. The golden age of British watercolours from c.1750 well into the 19th century coincided with the introduction of many new pigments intended at first for oil painting. The history and use of the materials used for watercolour painting both artistic and documentary over this period will be discussed and illustrated with examples of the use of both older and new pigments by a number of artists. Public access initiatives in the later decades of the 19th century, and increasingly lengthy periods of display of watercolours, would lead to the Russell and Abney report on the action of light on watercolours in 1888 – a scientific investigation into the permanence of artists’ watercolour materials which can be seen as a forerunner and exemplar of today’s conservation science and its investigation of the agents of deterioration.

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