We are delighted to announce another IAP Virtual course with David Pinniger and Jane Thompson Webb.

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Integrated Pest Management

Date: Tuesday 22 February & Wednesday 23 February 2022
Time: 9:30 am – 12:15 pm GMT
Tutors: David Pinniger and Jane Thompson Webb
Price: £125.00
Platform: Zoom
Registration: Eventbrite or you can email us to pay by invoice

This two-session virtual course (spread over 2 days) will discuss Integrated Pest Management, Trapping and Monitoring, and how to control Insect Pests.

An Integrated Pest Management (IPM) programme can only be effective if there is an understanding of which insects are present and whether pest numbers are stable, increasing or decreasing. Pests can attack a wide range of materials including ethnographic, social history, textiles, furniture, paper, books and taxidermy.

The course will cover:

1/ The pests

  • What they need to live
  • How to identify the main species
  • Recognising the damage different pests can cause
  • Understanding ways to prevent pests becoming established.

2/ The importance of understanding pest environments and the need to monitor temperature and humidity.

3/ Monitoring for pests using traps.

4/ Selecting the most appropriate treatments to control pests.

5/ Making plans to establish an IPM programme.

6/ Examining available resources to help with IPM.

The course is aimed at anyone with any involvement with, or responsibility for, care of collections.

David Pinniger is an entomologist and international pest management consultant. He has worked with IAP in offering short courses on IPM and Insect Identification since 1984. Jane Thompson Webb is the Conservation Team Leader at Birmingham Museums Trust and chairs the ICON Care of Collections Group.


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