Workshop Mastering Fills & Inpainting by Jim Bernstein 18-22 April 2016

  • Datum18-04-2016 - 22-04-2016
  • Tijd9.00 - 17.00
  • Adres
    • SRAL
    • Avenue ceramique 244
    • Maastricht
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MASTERING FILLS & RETOUCHES is a multidisciplinary master class for conservators of paper, objects and paintings

This four and a half day intensive course is designed for conservators wishing to improve their mastery of filling and inpainting skills.
A broad overview of this complicated topic is covered, as well as considerable attention to details critical for various points of the compensation process.
Keys to problem solving are offered to help conservators find appropriate and successful treatment solutions for differing compensation challenges.


Poster Mastering Fills&Inpainting

A combination of lectures, discussion, demonstrations and hands-on studio/laboratory practice sessions will cover the following:

  • Filling and Inpainting criteria
  • Adaptation of environments for each compensation requirement
  • Light, color and optics: theory and practical phenomena
  • Survey of pigments and their properties
  • Preparation for compensation: structural reconfiguration, isolation and fill materials/techniques.
  • Inpainting media and toning systems: resins (natural & synthetic), watercolour, gums, cellulose fiber, dry pigments, pencils, pastels and other colouring agents
  • Formulation of inpainting palettes and diluents and media
  • Inpainting modifiers: bulking, matting, polishing, and glossing agents
  • Color palettes, brushes, application instruments, methods, and tips
  • Medium/pigment/diluent variations for adjusting surface sheen: high gloss, lean/matte, transparent, opaque, stained, and other structures
  • Simulation of patina and age effects
  • Philosophical dialogue: degrees and appropriateness of compensation; discernibility, longevity and reversibility of restorations


Workshop fees:

Standard: € 875,00

Deadline for registration 1 March 2016


Workshop fees will include lunches


Applications are on a first come basis. A maximum number of 20 participants will be accepted. Due to the high costs of this workshop, it will only go ahead if the maximum number of participants is reached. Applicants will be informed on 1 March 2016 if the workshop will be held.


Registration forms are   available at


Discount bookings for accommodation at Townhouse Hotel only through SRAL.


Organisers: Kate Seymour and Siska Losse