BRONZE BEHAVING BADLY: Bronze Conservation Principles For Large Objects

Learn the principles of bronze conservation and the complexities of working with large objects for managers, carers and custodians

Bronze conservation is a niche area and not something that you will necessarily have been given training for – even if you have studied conservation. I’m here to give you some peace of mind. I’m a seasoned bronze conservator and I can guide you as to what’s good practice and what’s not. I want you to use my experience to feel confident with bronze so that you can make good decisions and become a bronze champion!

What’s This Course About?

Hello, I’m Lucy Branch, a conservator, who has made it my life’s work to specialise in the area of sculptural and architectural bronze conservation. In this course, you will be diving into the world of large bronze conservation and I’ll be your guide. I’ve created this course specifically for people who have responsibility for large bronzes. You may not have a background in conservation, and you would like to feel more confident about the subject. Or, you’ve moved over from a different field of conservation and would like to broaden your knowledge of this area. This course brings together the foundations of the subject mixed in with many years of my experience. Of course, you could glean this type of information from a variety of sources, but I’ve noticed that articles on bronze are often pitched at wildly different levels: some is super-academic and the advice is hard to apply to real life situations, then there’s the other end of the spectrum: DIY videos and Top-Tips by people who think a war memorial can be treated in the same way as a copper cooking pot. I hope to enthuse you about a subject that I love. You don’t need to sit up late burning the midnight oil reading academic citations because I do that for fun! I sift the good and the bad advice out there for you so you can use my knowledge and become a bronze champion! How do I know what type of information will be relevant to you? Because week in and week out, I get the same questions from my clients who are custodians of bronzes and building managers.

Questions like

‘why has this happened to my bronze? What can we do about it? How can we prevent it happening again? ‘

From these questions and many others, I’ve built the units of this course.

This course is for you if:

  • You want to be confident about bronze conservation so that you don’t have to rely on others to advise you
  • You’d like to be able to write specifications and guide conservation contractors
  • You’d like to be able to use the right language and ask the right questions of contractors and discern whether they know their subject
  • You need to understand why your bronze is behaving badly and be able to shape a plan to do something about it
  • You want to build your professional development
  • You want to ensure you are doing the best for the bronzes in your care

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