Special Issue Conservar Património: Studies in Historical Textiles

Deadline for submissions: 17 June 2018

(Português segue abaixo)

Conservar Património is an open access scientific journal, indexed in Scopus and Web of Science. In collaboration with the Textiles, Trade & Taste and the University of Amsterdam, it welcomes submissions for a special issue on the topic of historical textiles, and their investigation in the areas of conservation science, conservation and restoration, museum studies, archaeology, art history and other related disciplines. The focus of this special issue lies on the multiple dimensions involving the study of historical textiles, but also on the interdisciplinary combination of separate areas, thus contributing to answer questions such as provenance and date; historical, artistic and socio-cultural contexts of manufacture; conservation treatments and preservation; and conditions of display and storage.

Hence, topics of potential manuscripts may include (but are not limited to):

– Analytical characterization and scientific research to assess textile materials (dyes, fibres, metal threads, etc.), state of conservation and degradation processes;

–  Evaluation of strategies on treatment, storage and/or display of textiles;

– Artistic and historical research of textiles, through stylistic, structural, iconographic and/or archival studies;

– Interaction and relationship developments between museums, visitors and textiles.

Authors are invited to submit their manuscripts in English, Portuguese, Spanish or French, by 17 June 2018. Guidelines for Authors are available in English and Portuguese, and can be consulted here ( Manuscripts, as well as any inquiries, should be e-mailed to the editorial team at Authors may also suggest a maximum of three reviewers, when sending their manuscripts.

Once submitted, the manuscripts will be subjected to a first general review by the editorial team, to ascertain whether they are within the scope and objectives of this special issue. After that, the papers will be sent to anonymous peer reviewing. Authors of selected papers will be notified and will receive feedback on their work until September 2018. When requested, authors will have one month to perform necessary corrections, after which the manuscripts will be sent once again to the reviewers. The accepted final versions of the manuscripts will be submitted to final editing and online publication in the end of 2018. The special issue will be then published in 2019.

Editorial team 

Ana Serrano (scientific researcher, Textiles, Trade & Taste, Universidade Nova de Lisboa)

Maria João Ferreira (researcher in art history, Textiles, Trade & Taste, Universidade Nova de Lisboa)

Emmy de Groot (textile conservator, Conservation & Restoration group, University of Amsterdam)