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East Sussex Coast College, Hastings, East Sussex, UK.  November 26th and 27th 2020.

One of the aims of this small, two-day event is to bring together interested researchers from the fields of conservation and philosophy to discuss authenticity, replicas, and the ethics of conservation/restoration.  The symposium seeks to facilitate interdisciplinary discussion and communication between scholars concerned with aesthetics, conservation and replication, the philosophy of art and its interaction with art restoration, and the instantiation of forgeries and their relationship to ethical and institutional concerns.

Recent conferences have explored the re-invigorated interest in plaster casts and replicas, the re-creation of modern artworks, the reasons why works of art are restored or seen as over-restored, the anthropology of forgery (to use Padua conference title) and the controversies surrounding the appearance of major works such as the Sistine Chapel frescos of Michelangelo or the restoration of Chartres Cathedral. There has been some philosophical interest in these topics, but few opportunities to engage in cross-disciplinary dialogue between philosophers and conservators.

This symposium will conjoin and conjugate the different avenues taken by philosophers and conservators when discussing these topics and to raise awareness of concepts, concerns and contentious issues, which investigation and scholarship can reveal.

Symposium Fee:  £25 Pounds Sterling. Further details on registration will be announced in early 2020.

Symposium Convener: David A. Scott, FIIC, Ph.D. Professor Emeritus

A themed issue of Studies in Conservation will follow the symposium and will be devoted to the topics of conservation and philosophy for which contributions will be peer reviewed.

How to Submit:

Please submit an initial proposal  (800 words maximum) by email to by Friday 7th February 2020 at 5pm (GMT), with the subject line: Proposal for Conservation and Philosophy – Intersection and Interactions.

Deadline for Proposals: Friday 7th February 2020, 5pm (GMT)