Cancellation Picture Meeting

Dear colleague,

After long consideration and some hope that the situation would change for the better, I have now decided that the Picture Meeting will not be held this December 11.

As you know, the Picture Meeting is a platform for discussion and networking for conservators of painted objects, conservation scientists and art historians. The meeting is an opportunity to meet your peers and to share recent developments in thinking and practical approaches in conservation and conservation practice.

Given the government restrictions, our only option left was a short online meeting. Since this goes fundamentally against one of the main aims of the Picture Meeting, that is the networking component, and seriously compromises the other, that is sharing recent developments in conservation (science), we felt we should postpone our meeting and await better times.

Looking forward to seeing you again in person and in good spirits on the next occasion.

On behalf of my colleagues at the Cultural Heritage Laboratory,

Cancellation Picture Meeting 11 December