Hereby, we would like to share a survey from IPERON-HS European consortium for Heritage Science. Please find more information and the survey below:

As part of the IPERION-HS European consortium for Heritage Science we are conducting a survey on the “50 priority research questions for Heritage Science”. This is preparation for a massively multi-authored paper on challenges in Heritage Science and the research data infrastructure needed to solve them. It is also part of the groundwork for the future DIGILAB data infrastructure for supporting E-RIHS, the European Research Infrastructure for Heritage Science.We are currently seeking input on what the most important challenges are, and all opinions are welcome from any field.

In case you would like a definition of scope: “Heritage science is the interdisciplinary domain of the scientific study of heritage. Heritage science draws on diverse humanities, sciences and engineering disciplines. It focuses on enhancing the understanding, interpretation, sustainable care and use of heritage so it can enrich people’s lives, both today and in the future. Heritage science is an umbrella term encompassing all forms of scientific enquiry into human works and the combined works of nature and humans, of value to people.” (

The survey should take no more than 10-15 minutes to complete, and all participants will be given the option of becoming a co-author on the paper. More details are in the survey itself.

Please complete the survey by 30th September using this link: You may fill in the survey more than once, especially if you have multiple positions or roles which lend different perspectives.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact Philip Buckland ( or Francesca Pilotto ( However, please do not hesitate to fill in the survey – all views are relevant.

Kind regards,

Philip Buckland & Francesca Pilot