IAP Virtual

We are delighted to announce an IAP Virtual seminar with Matthew Cushman specifically timed for our colleagues in Australia, Eastern Asia, New Zealand and America.


Solvents and Solvent Gels for Cleaning Painted Surfaces

Date and time:
Melbourne: Friday, 3rd Sept 9am
New Zealand: Friday, 3rd Sept 11am
Japan: Friday, 3rd Sept 8am
Los Angeles: Thursday, 2nd Sept 4pm
New York: Thursday, 2nd Sept 7pm
Tutor: Matthew Cushman
Price: £25.00*
Platform: Zoom
Platform: Eventbrite

This IAP Virtual seminar will consist of a 55 minute presentation by Matthew Cushman followed by 15 minutes of discussion and questions.

This seminar will focus on practical aspects of solvent selection and solvent gel formulation for the cleaning of painted surfaces. Variations in application methods and the potential for gel residues will be explored.

Matt Cushman is the Conservator of Paintings and Affiliated Assistant Professor at the Winterthur/University of Delaware Program in Art Conservation, where he teaches fundamentals of paintings conservation and the application of scientific principles in conservation practice. His research interests include novel materials for the cleaning of painted surfaces, structural treatment of easel paintings, and the techniques and materials of early American painting.For more information please visit our website
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