IIC 2020 Congress – extension of call for abstracts and news on Congress location and dates

We are delighted to announce an extension to the call for papers and posters for the IIC 2020 Congress - Current practices and challenges in built heritage conservation - to be held from 2nd to 6th November 2020. The venue for the Congress is confirmed as Edinburgh, Scotland, UK.

IIC 2020 Congress Extended Call for Abstracts


The 28th IIC biennial congress will take place in Edinburgh, UK, 2nd – 6th November 2020.

The subject of the congress will be ‘Practices and Challenges in Built Heritage Conservation’.


The closing date for proposals to be submitted has been extended to 14 June 2019.

This conference will bridge the divide between built heritage and in-situ collections including decorative surfaces as well as moveable objects housed in the buildings for which they were collected or commissioned. We are seeking papers and posters that traverse the two, covering: the influence of the building environment on the preservation of the collection; in-situ collections and decorative surfaces in historic buildings, castles and palaces; religious buildings; built structures including bridges walls and monuments; archaeological sites, archives and collections.


Whilst primarily looking at the work of conservators and conservation scientists, proposals that demonstrate collaborative working between built and moveable heritage conservation specialists will be of particular interest. We are looking for new and original, unpublished work, relevant to the Congress theme and to conservation.

In particular abstracts for papers and posters covering the following related topics are invited:

  • challenges of caring for collections which are housed in historic buildings
  • impact on and planning for response to climate change
  • impact of building environment on its associated collections
  • traditional methods for managing and maintaining buildings
  • traditional practice vs. modern approaches
  • adaptive re-use of buildings and structures and the effects of this
  • urbanisation and environmental impacts on built heritage
  • the management of tourists visiting heritage sites
  • sustainable use of heritage sites
  • scientific research that enhances understanding of the built heritage or informs practice
  • conservation of architectural and decorative surfaces, inter alia gilded surfaces, painted surfaces, plaster, stone, mosaics and tiling
  • conservation of in-situ collections and objects within specific built environments such as paintings, furniture, ceramics, metalwork and tapestries.
  • public engagement with built heritage conservation including interpretation and conservation in action
  • protection of archaeological sites in situ
  • the challenges of maintaining archaeological archives and stores

Preference will be given to abstracts that record new research and the application of innovative conservation techniques; case studies will be considered but only where they record significant new information about the application of conservation practice. Papers and posters pointing the way to future challenges and research needs will be welcomed.

The location for this congress is Edinburgh, which is well positioned to offer a specialism and backdrop to the congress theme. The venue of the McEwan Hall is one of the most iconic buildings in central Edinburgh, designed by Sir Robert Rowand Anderson in 1894 with lavish interiors by William Palin and located within a UNESCO World Heritage site which spans the city’s Old Town and New Town.


You can submit your abstracts for a paper or poster at the link below. The closing date for proposals to be submitted has been extended to 14 June 2019.

How to submit your proposal:


Submission of all proposals is to be made using the Editorial Manager system at Taylor & Francis, IIC’s publisher.  The link to the Editorial Manager system is: https://www.editorialmanager.com/sic/default.aspx  (If you have not already registered for the Editorial Manager system you will need to do so at the site using the ‘Register now’ link on the page given here)

  1. Log in to the Editorial Manager system as an author and follow the ‘New Submissions / Submit New Manuscript’ link and the associated questions.
  2. It is important that you select the ‘article type’ by choosing either ‘IIC Congress 2020: Paper proposal’ or ‘IIC Congress 2020: Poster Proposal’, as appropriate.
  3. Please note that the maximum number of characters for either a paper or poster proposal is limited to 1500 characters and that images cannot be accepted at this stage.
  4. The Author Main Menu at Editorial Manager has a series of guide points for users and the Instructions for Authors section there has useful notes as well.
  5. Please note that the references in Editorial Manager to Studies in Conservation are due to the fact the IIC Congress preprints are published as supplements to IIC’s main journal, Studies in Conservation.



Friday, 14th June, 2019