International Heritage Cooperation – No. 01, June 2021

Welcome to the first edition of the newsletter of the Programme for International Heritage Cooperation of the Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands! This programme is the follow-up of our Shared Cultural Heritage Programme 2017-2020. About what we have achieved and hope to accomplish in the future, you can read in the publications mentioned in this newsletter. Also, meet the programme team’s newest members and get up to date with our recent projects. In the meantime, we are updating the information about the programme on our website.

Unfortunately, the Covid-19 pandemic keeps affecting our lives and work. As social distancing, cultural lockdown and travel restrictions don’t make it easier to work together internationally, we are most grateful to our partners and colleagues in the Netherlands and in the partner countries. Thanks to your commitment, creativity and flexibility, we are able to carry on our joint efforts. We look forward to continuing these partnerships and welcoming new ones. Until then: keep well and stay safe!

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