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The Chinese National Organising Committee, and ICOM-CC are happy to announce that the 19th ICOM-CC Triennial Conference, Beijing, will be a VIRTUAL EVENT from 17 to 21 May 2021. The website will be constantly updated with programme details.

⛩ Met ’travel grants’ en een significante reductie op de prijs een niet te missen veelbelovende bijeenkomst.
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In ICOM-CC we are excited and full of enthusiastic expectations for our next Triennial Conference. Owing to the global health situation, our plans to go to Beijing had to be changed, and instead of meeting physically in Beijing, China, we are now planning for the first ever virtual ICOM-CC Triennial Conference. The theme of the conference is: “Transcending Boundaries: Integrated Approaches to Conservation”. I anticipate the conference will serve as an eye opener as well as an outstanding forum for dialogue amongst conservation professionals from all over the world. Our aim is to bring together, exchange and discuss knowledge, traditions, and skills with conservation professionals from both East and West and in this way learn from each other’s practices, philosophies, and materials.

I am deeply grateful to the Chinese National Organising Committee for taking on the huge responsibility and task of hosting our Triennial Conference and although the format will be different than usual, I feel confident that we will have another successful, unforgettable, high-quality and content-rich conference. In China, the museum field is growing at a rate unseen anywhere else in the world. The conservation profession is also growing rapidly, and the virtual conference will provide virtual tours to many of the spectacular cultural heritage sites and conservation projects taking place not only in Beijing but also further out in the country.

I hope that many of our members will take this outstanding opportunity to participate in the conference and that this first virtual ICOM-CC Triennial Conference will attract conservation and museum professionals and students globally to take part in the discussions and share expertise and passion for the conservation of cultural heritage.

I also hope that the conference will inspire us to visit -when the global health situation has stabilised – a country with manifold traditions and cultures and with thousands of museums, historical, and archaeological sites.

I am looking forward to greeting and ‘seeing’ you all virtually in May 2021.