OSK RMA Course Program 2017-2018

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November 2017:
OSK/KNIR course in Rome: ‘Arte Povera / Opera Aperta: the (inter)nationality of the Italian art scene in the 60s and 70s’ (prof.dr. Christa-Maria Lerm Hayes & dr. Arnold Witte) – 6 EC –
Deadline for application: September 18th, 2017

January 2018:
OSK/NIKI Winter School in Florence (dr. Jan de Jong & prof.dr. Gert Jan van der Sman) – 6 EC –
Deadline for application: October 1st, 2017

April 2018:
OSK Course ‘Materials & Materiality in Art History’ (prof.dr. Sven Dupré & prof.dr. Ann-Sophie Lehmann) – 6 EC.

May 2018:
OSK/RU course ‘Materials & Techniques in Early Netherlandish Painting’ (prof. dr. Ron Spronk) – 5 EC

May/June 2018:
OSK/Van Gogh Museum Visiting Fellow in the History of 19th Century Art – 6 EC.

June 2018:
OSK/Stedelijk Museum/RKD visiting fellow in Modern and Contemporary Art: Walter Grasskamp – 6 EC

June or July 2018:
OSK Summer School ‘Historic House Museums’ (prof.dr. Koen Ottenheym & dr. Eloy Koldeweij) – 6 EC.

June or July 2018:
OSK Summer School ‘Art in public collections’, i.s.m. Vereniging Rembrandt (em. prof.dr. Peter Hecht, Fellow Vereniging Rembrandt) – 6 EC.