Seminar Counting Vermeer: using weave maps to study vermeer’s canvases

6 - 10 november 2017

Attending the seminar is free; coffee, drinks, public lecture and field trip are included. Deadline for submission is 20 oktober 2017

The RKD – Netherlands Institute for Art History invites MA-students, PhD-students, art historians, conservators, and researchers to attend the seminar on the theory of thread counting and painting canvases and the use of automated thread count and weave map software. This seminar is organized on the occasion of the visit of the RKD Visiting Fellow in Computational Art History, Professor C. Richard Johnson Jr. (Jacobs Technion-Cornell Institute, Cornell Tech, New York City); and the online RKD Studies publication: Counting Vermeer: Using Weave Maps to Study Vermeer’s Canvases to be launched on in October 2017.


Informatie, programma en aanmelding via onderstaande link.

23-9-2017 Announcement_RKDseminar_RickJohnson