Workshop: tool making from delrin and bamboo

Door wie: Jeff Peachey
Wanneer: maandag 10 juli tot en maandag 11 juli 2023
Locatie: Nationaal Archief in Den Haag
Kosten workshop: RN-leden 245,- euro, Niet RN-leden: 320,- euro
Kosten materialen: 55,- euro
Max. aantal deelnemers: 12
Voertaal: Engels
Inschrijf deadline: 1 april 2023



Making tools is engaging, fun, practical and addictive. Delrin and bamboo are excellent materials for many bookbinding and conservation tools, such as folders, lifting tools, microspatulas, hera, and creasing tools. We will work together on the design, roughing out and finishing of several tools. Working Delrin and bamboo is a meditative activity, no previous experience required, only a stable work surface is necessary. And after the workshop you will have some useful, new tools that you made yourself!

Peachey will provide:

  • Tonkin bamboo pieces for 3 tools. $15
  • Delrin for 4 tools. $30
  • 3M sanding sponges and polishing cloth. $15

TOTAL: $60


Wil je graag aan deze cursus meedoen, schrijf je dan in via

Vermeld in de mail je naam en contactgegevens. Vertel daarnaast iets over jezelf en jouw achtergrond en ervaring met (papier)restauratie.

We hebben ervoor gekozen om geen lunch te serveren in verband met het drukken van de kosten voor deze workshop. Er is een supermarkt en diverse opties om te lunchen op 5 minuten lopen. Er zal wel voor thee en koffie en wat lekkers worden gezorgd in de pauzes.



Jeff Peachey is the owner of Peachey Conservation LLC, a New York City based studio which specializes in preserving the intrinsic, artifactual, aesthetic and historic values of books. With more than 30 years experience. He has taught book conservation workshops internationally, and has been awarded numerous fellowships to support his book history research, including from the Rockefeller Foundation Bellagio Center (Italy). He invented the Peachey Board Slotting Machine, which is used in book conservation labs internationally, and designs and manufactures specialized conservation tools. His forthcoming publication in Suave Mechanicals 8 details the bookbinding poetry of John Bradford and the broader context of early 19th century binding practice. Books:  Tools: