Your participation is urgently needed to protect the European cultural heritage.

Please join the public hearing!

Dear colleagues,
This might not be the first message on the subject Nitrogen ban you receive. But in face of the importance of the case and the timely limit I would like to urge you to participate in the public hearing on the Nitrogen ban (see link 1). A derogation from the ban is needed to safegard the organic parts of the cultural heritage from the destruction by pests. Nitrogen or Anoxia treatment (as it should better be called) has been used in a lot of countries in Europe and worldwide as the only pest control method that can be applied without damage for all (!) kinds of materials. All other methods are either damaging for some materials and type of objects by chemical reactions or by physical stress (heat treatment, freezing) or by the irreversible introduction of (poisonous) chemicals.
But don’t take my word for it:  the arguments concerning the use of Nitrogen are very well laid out in the statement by the colleagues from ICOM-UK (see link 2).
See also the joint statement from ICOM and ICOMOS, as well as from E.C.C.O. that are linked below (link 3-4). Please join the public hearing as an individual or as an institution or association, even if you do not use Nitrogen yourself or if it is not in use in your country (yet). We cannot allow this untoxic and environmentally save method to be taken out of our hands. This might endager cultural (and financial) values in the millions throughout Europe.
Participation in the public hearing is easy and can even happen in privacy. Use the statements arguments and citations while filling out the form (link 1). You can download a draft letter in French, English, Spanish or German from the ICOMOS website (link 5). Please also use your personal and professional network to spread the information to all other colleagues and stakeholders like collections, heritage professionals and institutions, universities etc..
Every voice is counting in the public hearing. Please don’t hesitate and join until 18. January (deadline)!

Link 1:   Public hearing website,4&ECNumber=-&CASNumber=

Link 2:   Arguments concerning Nitrogen from ICOM-UK (with citations):

Link 3:   Joint statement from ICOM und ICOMOS (with draft letter in English)

Link 4:   Statement from E.C.C.O.

Link 5:   ICOMOS website (with draft letters in English, French, Spanish and German)